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How to Use Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer If I’m A New User?

Are you a new user of Adobe Acrobat PDF writer and looking for how to use its features and tools? Creating a PDF is not difficult at all. However, it may take few minutes to understand each and every function.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic usage of this software.

  1. Create a PDF
    • Open the Acrobat DC software and click on Tools tab.
    • Now, select Create PDF option and check the option available on the screen.
    • Look at the options and choose the appropriate one such as if you have a word file then click Single File and if you want to convert a web page to PDF then click Web page, and so on.
    • Now, the next page appears depending on the option you choose. If the option selected was Single file then the box will be simple. Simply, click on Select a file and locate the file on the system. Then, double-click on it. If it was a web page then paste the Url into the empty box.
    • Select Create.
  2. Print a document to a PDF
    • Open any document and press Ctrl + P on the keyboard.
    • Choose Save as PDF in the Printer section.
    • Make any changes if desire and hit the Apply button.
    • Click OK to print the document.
  3. Converting Office files to PDF
    • Open a Word, Excel, or PP presentation.
    • Select Acrobat tab and then click Create PDF button.
    • Click Covert to PDF and then select the location and enter the name of the file to Save it.

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